Cost of Studying in UK

Cost of Studying in UK

The expenses acquired by an understudy can be isolated into

  • Educational cost charge of the course
  • Living expense.


Educational cost charge for both undergrad and postgraduate projects ranges from GBP 4000 to 18,000. Educational cost for research center based courses is normally higher than classroom based courses. Prescription, Dentistry courses have significantly higher educational cost charge.

The living expense in the UK is higher in huge urban areas, for example: London and lower in littler towns and urban areas. The UKBA has characterized the living expense with the end goal of acquiring an understudy visa. This is as per the following-

  • GBP 1000 every month in Central London
  • GBP 800 for external London and whatever remains of the UK
  • Grants


Comprehensively there are three sorts of grants for contemplating in the UK accessible to Indian understudies:

  • Grants offered by UK establishments
  • UK Government supported
  • Private Trusts and finances