Disclaimer, Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions



All the information provided on the website is for general categories and not specific, it may vary from case to case. We can change the information of the website of Amicale Oversesas at any point of time without prior notice.  Amicale Overseas is not liable for any inaccurate and incomplete information on the website, for any further clarification please feel free to call us / visit us.

Customer’s Liability:  Any information about you should be true and correct and shall stand binding upon you.


We ensure about the information’s of the individuals will be secured. All the information collected during the process of Visa and other services would be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone except that of required process.

We wish to reserve the right to make the alteration in the privacy policy from time to time, without prior notice. While making any such changes our customers would be informed via any mode of communication.


  1. Amicale overseas acting as an agent on behalf of their clients for processing their visa application and other ancillary services and get it done via immigration authorities and/or appropriate institutions.
  2. Clients of Amicale Overseas on making payments to Amicale Oversesas for the services provided are abide by all the terms and conditions of Amicale Overseas.
  3. Amicale overseas is not responsible for any delay in timeline for the approvals and procedures of immigration authorities and/or any other authorities.
  4. Amicale Overseas will not be responsible for any delay /rejection in Visa application.
  5. Amicale Overseas is not responsible for any cost needs to be incurred due to delay or rejection of the application by the immigration and/or other authorities.
  6. Embassy may refuse Double entry or Multiple Visa for Short stay / Temprory Visa/ Tourist Visa, these rights are solely with the embassy. Amicale Overseas have no control over it.
  7. For any tourist visa or business visa, flight tickets should not be booked in advance unless the embassy has stated to present any evidence of this for the visa application process.
  8. In few cases embassy may decide to review the application in the destination country and so the process goes longer and this decision solely rest with the embassy, we amicale overseas have no point of control in the standards decided by the respective embassy.
  9. Amicale Overseas would recommend you not to sell any property, make any hotel arrangements, give notice to leave in any job subject to visa application until visa application is approved and visa is granted.
  10. Immigration authority/ officer has sole discretion for grant of visa and deciding the terms of visa on which they grant the visa and the date of activation of visa which may vary with clients request. We at Amicale Overseas have no rights to modify any decision given by immigration authorities/officer.
  11. Incase there has been any alterations in the immigration laws and/or regulations by immigration department which is not known to public at large. Amicale Overseas will not be responsible for any such changes and is not liable to pay any extra cost if client has to bear due to such changes.
  12. Amicale Overseas is not bound to pay any extra cost in case of refusal of Visa application (here extra cost is inclusive of travel cost, accommodation and other necessary arrangements etc…)
  13. Amicale Overseas believes that all the information provided by the client are true and correct, we rely on the information provided and proceed without cross verifying it. Amicale Overseas is not responsible for wrong information furnished by the client.
  14. After making a request to Amicale Overseas to make the visa application for the client, it is duty of client to furnish all the documents required for processing the application before 48 hours of application, any delay in providing documents has to borne by the client.
  15. Amicale Overseas is not liable for any cost arising due to inaccurate/ false / incomplete information and documents provided by the clients
  16. Similarly, in the event where immigration advice provided by one immigration officer / consular official conflicts with that of an visa issuing immigration officer at the port of entry, such conflicting information is outside the control of Amicale Overseas. Amicale Overseas will not be liable for any visa application being refused or any additional costs arising from such a refusal (including travel costs) should situations of conflicting information between immigration officers arise.
  17. In case of any sponsorship, Amicale Overseas reserve the rights to contact the sponsor for any further information if required
  18. Few documents are valid for certain period thereafter those documents become invalid (for example medical reports, police clearance reports, skill assessment results), Clients has the sole responsibility for furnishing the valid documents as per date of visa application.
  19. Amicale Overseas consultancy charges does not includes medical cost (Like Chest X-ray, Medicals, Blood tests, etc) and so unless it is specifically mentioned clients should not go for such medical investigations.
  20. Visa assessment results and application for visa are valid for limited time period. It’s the duty of client to furnish the Visa assessment results and application for visa, atleast before 30 days prior to date of expiry of the result.
  21. On opting any services provided by Amicale Overseas, either electronically or via telephone, and make the payments for those services either by bank draft, postal order, cheque, credit card, debit card or bank transfer you are bound by the terms and conditions of the Amicale Overseas. You acknowledge that you are liable to pay any additional fees charged to facilitate the visa application or ancillary services but not limited to fees in connection with medical reports, Chest X-rays, court documents, couriers, and translation services, certification of documents, police checks or passport renewals.
  22. Amicale Overseas is not liable to provide any services until the complete consultancy charges are paid by the clients.
  23. We may change the prices without any prior notices as our prices are governed by exchange rates and changes in immigration prices.
  24. We don’t provide cancellation ofservices; once the payment is done we do not refund any amount on not availing our services/ withdrawal of application on any reason.
  25. If there is any change in the immigration policy and the application becomes ineligible due to immigration policy changes, but when the application was lodged it was eligible in such case Amicale Overseas is not liable to refund the amount to the client paid by them for availing these services.
  26. Fees paid to Amicale Overseas are non-refundable should you withdraw a visa application that you have kept on hold for a period longer than 6 months, even if that application might have never been submitted to the Immigration Authorities.
  27. In few cases additional fees apply when you cancel the visa after approval and the said additional fees has to be borne by the clients.
  28. Amicale Overseas has the rights to change the product providers/ any other parties involved in providing any of our ancillary services/products (SIM Cards, Taxsaver packs, Work Courses, KICK Start Packs, bank accounts etc.) as deemed appropriate by Amicale Overseas.
  29. You agree for Amicale Overseas to keep clients updated by phone and e-mail about recent updates and changes set by the relevant assessing bodies, immigration authorities, embassies and consulates; as well as new products/services and updates to products/services that Amicale Overseas offers in cases where the information is relevant to the products that the client has initially purchased, enquired about or registered for with amicaleoverseas.com.
    You can opt out of receiving any further correspondence by e-mailing hello@amicaleoverseas.comor calling Amicale Overseas anytime and request to be removed from our mailing list.
  30. You should travel with same passport which you were carrying at the time of visa application, if you have obtained new passport after your visa issue, please contact us at Amicale Overseas for visa re-allocation to your new passport . In this case re-allocation fees apply which has to be paid by the client.
  31. Additional charges may apply when applicant decides to make the payments through “credit card”or “debit card” or “Internet Banking.
  32. In case of loss of passport or visa application Amicale Overseas is only liable when the document was in possession ofAmicale Overseas and not in transit, lying with embassy etc…
  33. Amicale Overseas carries the right to return any passport without the requested visa if the proper documents required as per immigration requirements are not produced and/or not produced on time.
  34. Any visa application submitted at Amicale Overseas by a partner or agent on behalf of their client (traveller) will be deemed to be an application submitted to Amicale Overseas by the partner’s / agent’s client (traveller) directly to Amicale Overseas. All terms and conditions listed herein apply to thepartner / agent and the partner’s / agent’s client (traveller) equally.
  35. When visa pack or an ancillary pack is sold to client through agent, its sole responsibility of agent to produce initial information and payment. Information provided by the agent is understood as true and complete. If there is conflicting information provided by the client in future date compare to what agent had provided, Amicale Overseas will not be liable for the same and if any changes required tobe made due to change in information client will be liable to pay for the services needs to be provided again in whole or in part.
  36. Amicale Overseas does not carry any responsibility once the contracted services are provided to clients.This limitation on duty of care and / or liability includes but is not limited to information; advice or opinion provided by Amicale Overseas to the client after the contracted service is complete.This limitation on duty of care and / or liability also includes but is not limited to any accident, injury or loss suffered by the client or any third party as a result of a service or product provided by Amicale Overseasto that client.
  37. Amicale overseas reserves the right to include additional terms and condition as per the requirement without prior intimation. The submission of the application at amicale overseas by web, post, fax, email, constitutes agreement to those terms and conditions, including amendments thereto by the customer.
  38. Amicale Overseas may from time to time provide information or an opinion to the client outside of the provision of immigration visas services. This information may include but is not limited to information relating to travel and visa entry dates, travel options, relocation, employment, accommodation, geography, and general information about life in another country. None of this information or opinion shall be considered to be part of the service. Amicale Overseas will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or unsuitability of such information. It is the client’s own responsibility to review and confirm for him the accuracy and suitability of any such information.
  39. Correspondence between Immigration and Amicale Overseas with regards to any visa application is strictly confidential and is not subject to further distribution to third parties (including main applicants).
  40. Client is responsible to ensure that he/she is familiarized himself/herself with visa activation date and enters the country before the visa activation date passes. The client visa can be cancelled if the client does not enter the country before the visa expiration date passes. The client bear’s all the responsibility and liability in such a situations.
  41. Amicale Overseas is not liable or responsible in case the client stay in the country after the expiry dates of visa and the stay becomes is illegal for the client. It’s solely the client’s responsibility to leave the country before the expiry dates of Visa.
  42. For any loss or damage caused by the embassy/consulates issuing an incorrect visa or incorrect details Amicale Overseas is not responsible for the same as this is not under our control.
  43. Amicale Overseas is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage to the visa or passport with the mistake or negligence of third party courier / Delivery Company.
  44. When a client want to take another visa for the country in which he/ she is currently available and if immigration authorities specifically mentions that you need to be out of that country in those cases amicale overseas will process your another application for visa only on written confirmation that you are out of that country as per the requirements of the immigration authorities, in case you do not follow the same and there is extra cost charged has to be borne by the client only, Amicale Ovesrseas is not liable for the same.
  45. Passport covers the replacement cost of the passport and wherever possible provision of passport replacement possible. Re-imbursement is limited to the fee that the embassy charges for the replacement of the passport to a maximum as set out above. Please note, that the passport cover service is valid only for the duration of the visa.
  46. It is the sole responsibility of client that they should read, understand and abide by all the visa conditions. Failure to which may cause extra cost which has to be borne by client Amicale Overseas is not responsible for the same.
  47. If there is any incorrect detail in a visa, it is client’s responsibility to check the received visa grant notification letter and make sure that the passport details and visa grant letter has exactly the same details. Any mis-match in the details would cause to significant delay/missed flights/additional travel expenses/not being allowed to enter the relevant country. Any such incorrect details due to negligence of client, client will be liable for the same.
  48. Client should ensure that all the facts are disclosed for visa, like serious medical conditions and serious criminal convictions. Non-disclosure of such pertinent facts may result in visa application being delayed /refused. Amicale Overseas is not liable for any such result due to suppression of facts made by client.
  49. Bank Account applications are processed within 5 working days once all the details are confirmed and sent to our provider.
  50. The information on this web site is current at time of publication and may be subject to change.
  51. A visa may be cancelled at any point of time after the visa grant letter is issued if it is discovered that the information provided to Amicale Overseas and in turn to the immigration authorities for the purposes of the visa application is deemed to be false and / or misleading information. In the event of a visa being cancelled on such grounds, Amicale Overseas will bear no responsibility for any costs, grievances, liabilities or any other outcomes suffered by the clients that results from the cancellation of a visa application arranged through Amicale Overseas.