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Tier 1

Exceptional Talent

Available to exceptionally skilled and talented individuals, each application under this category of visa for the UK is judged individually. For this visa, you do need to be exceptional. How exceptional you are is determined by a points test. you can measure how well you would do using the UK Governments points calculator or if you are confident you have what it takes or still not sure once you complete your calculator we can guide you.


For highly skilled workers, this category of British visa is no longer available to new applicants. Existing visa holders are still eligible for a renewal or extension. After Brexit, we have heard the UK Immigration policy may change allowing free movement of skills between trading partners outside of the UK. Australia and New Zealand have requested open borders while the U.S would certainly welcome fewer restrictions on their citizens living and working in the UK. If you are highly skilled and the UK is the place for you, we would suggest you hold on for two years and then the immigration policy will be more accommodating.


For those who wish to enter the UK to invest is an existing business or start a new one. This can be used for people who wish t expand an existing offshore company into the UK but they will need to be based in the UK and working in the business. There are several government-led initiatives to entice foreign investment into the UK. As one of the world’s most open economies, the UK is ready to accept all nationalities who have the expertise and capital to invest in a UK based business. The UK Department of Trade and Investment are a great resource for those looking for to the UK as an investment opportunity for their business.

Post-Study Work

For those international students currently studying in the UK who wish to transition to a working visa in the UK, there are very limited options. Obtaining these UK visas typically depends on the skills and education obtained while studying. While it is understandable there needs to be immigration control many believe international students are an asset to a country, not just through the income they provide the country while studying but after they graduate. At Cambridge University they have compiled a list of options for students who wish to remain in the UK post qualifications.

If you would like to know more about post-graduation visa options, post your questions for some expert advice.


Similar to the Entrepreneur visa, this grants a UK visa to those who make large investments in the British economy. There are several ways to evidence your investments and secure your visa. The limiting factor for most is the sums involved to qualify as an investor. Unfortunately, the investment needs is a little high for many. That said, we do have a number of investors we work with who are happy to invest with the added benefit or securing a UK visa leading to permanent residency. If you can meet the entry level and would like further advice simply ask.

invest £2,000,000 or more in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active trading and UK registered companies.
apply to settle after 2 years. if you invest £10 million
apply to settle after 3 years if you invest £5 million
Tier 2

Work Permit

Granting a temporary UK visa if you have a job offer from a UK company and meet the minimum points requirement based on education and earnings.

Change of employment

Allowing for Work Permit holders to switch between jobs. Applicants must have a job offer from a UK company and meet the minimum points requirement based on education and earnings.

Intra-company Transfer (ICT)

For overseas employees of a multi-national company to transfer to a UK office.

Tier 4

UK Student visa

UK visas for foreign students. Applicants must have a visa letter from a British education provider who has a licence to educate international students issued by the UK Immigration Authorities and provide evidence of maintenance, fees and living expenses while studying. Even though a student can work 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time in the holidays there is a requirement to support yourself without the need for work if required.

On finishing your studies there are various options to stay which I addressed under the Tier 1 visa section and our link to Cambridge University if you would like to see those options explained there.

Tier 5

Creative and Sport Workers

Applicants for this category of visa for the UK must prove they have recognition as a leader in their field of expertise.

Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS)

Temporary visa to the UK for adults aged 18-30 from Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

Family visas

Marriage visa

You must be of legal age to marry in all parts of the UK which is currently 18 years old and able to support yourselves. There is a requirement the UK national earns £18,600 per year minimum or holds savings over £16,000 to make up the shortfall for the first two years your spouse is in the UK. We go into more detail on this on other pages and in our answers to people who are facing specific challenges. The main area of concern currently is from those who are living overseas and want to return to the UK with their partner.

Whatever your questions or concerns just post a question for some expert advice. The UK marriage visa rule currently is harsh and need to be treated with care to ensure your right to family life is protected.

Fiancé visa

Must be 21 and can prove you intend to marry within six months.

Dependency visa

Must be a Mother, Grandmother, Father or Grandfather and meet certain criteria. In some cases parents or Grandparents under 65 qualify. Additionally, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt or uncle under 18 sometimes qualify.

De facto visa

For unmarried partners with settled status or ILR who want to bring their partner to join them via immigration to the UK. This is the same as the marriage visa route as the UK draws little distinction between those living together and those who are married. In recent case president, this gap is getting ever smaller. You will need to be in a genuine relationship but that can be worked through and proved. Each case is unique so stick to the facts of your case and not what you think the Immigration Officer wants to hear.

Ancestry visa

For Commonwealth citizens whose grandparent was born in the UK (or the Republic of Ireland before March 1922). UK Ancestry is a birth right but in recent years the Home Office in the UK have made is increasingly difficult to secure ILR once you have secured your initial UK Ancestry visa. To win these cases is it all about keeping meticulous records of previous earings, employment and time spent away from the UK. So when you go to extend your visa or secure ILR there are no issues.

Tourist visa

Covers a visit to the UK for up to 6 months, also covers business trips and medical treatment.


Indefinite Leave to Remain

Commonly known as UK residency, you normally need to have a minimum of 4 or 5 years continuous residence in the UK on the same visa (The number of years depends on which visa you are on).

UK Citizenship

Be 18 or over, have lived in the UK for at least five years, have not spent more than 450 days outside of the UK in the past five years, have not spent more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months, have not broken any immigration rules in the last five years.


Prospective Entrepreneur

Allowing applicants to live in the UK while attempting to start a business in the country, this category of UK visa simplifies the pathway to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

UK Visa Extension

Depending on what type of visa you are on in the UK you may be able to apply for an extension Take the Global Visas free assessment to find out your options today.

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