Why Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a financially savvy contrasting option to the UK or Australia. It is a decent choice for understudies looking for open air experience in an English talking nation. New Zealand is an inviting country offering a warm understudy agreeable condition.

Top notch learning knowledge at lower cost

New Zealand training is perceived the whole way across the world. The average cost for basic items is much lower when contrasted with alternate nations advancing advanced education. Customarily in light of the British Model, the college learning framework is research based which guarantees an excellent learning knowledge. Every one of the organizations are situated in a rich green setting offering quiet and great review condition to every one of its understudies. New Zealand invites universal understudies and the social differing qualities is valued by the general public. The colleges and Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics are government financed and concentrate on research based learning and keep up solid connections with the business.

Regulation of the education Industry

To guarantee the nature of training, government offices like the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), service of Education, The tertiary instruction commission and numerous others are specifically required in the administration of the New Zealand instruction segment.

All approach matters relating to instruction are endorsed by the Ministry of training. NZQA’s part in the instruction segment is to guarantee that New Zealand capabilities are viewed as dependable and vigorous, broadly and universally, so as to help learners prevail in their picked tries and to add to New Zealand society. It goes about as a quality check body for the organizations this ensuring the interests of both household and global understudies alike.

Code of practice for pastoral Care of International Students

In order to safe guard the interests of the international student, the code of pastoral Care is enforced by the New Zealand Government thus ensuring that you are well taken care of during your stay in the country. It is a code accounting for the service delivery to the international students. The code ensures that all processes involving the international student are done so ethically and responsibly that student receives comprehensive, accurate and up to date information before enrolling in the institution. The code is applicable to all education providers enrolling international students. You cannot apply for a student visa to an institution that is not code approved.

Stay Back options in New Zealand

As a student who has completed a qualification in New Zealand but does not have a job offer, he may be eligible for a Graduate Job Search Work Visa for a maximum of 12 months. Once there is an offer of employment, he can further apply for a visa upto two or three years under the Study to Work category.  Permanent migration is also available to skilled works and students alike. In order to apply for a permanent residency under the skill migration category, an Expressoin of interest (EOI) has to be submitted to immigration where the ability of the potential migrant is judged on the basis of a point system.  In case of an application managing the pass mark would be given an ‘Invitation To Apply’.  There are three possible outcomes to an immigration application ; decline, permanent residency or a work to residence visa that will help you obtain a skilled job offer.

Disclaimer: Students should note that any printed information on visa processes can become outdated and therefore they are advised to consult the relevant websites before they embark on the visa application process.